Friday, January 21, 2011

Samuel Colt and Chris Porter fucked live and all we got...

are these somewhat usable but definitely hot PICTURES to prove it. The show was 1 hour, but at some point I started entertaining myself with Randy's piece and while I was still watching, I could not take pics. His print-screens were impossible to use!

Below you have a recount of the festivities as they happed with pictures as proof.

Came online at about 5 AM my time (yeah, sux)
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things I think about...

1. Of condoms and porns
2. New words for old reality
3. 2be or not 2b bi
4. Regular household items and your ass
5. It's only in US, should you care?
6. Things I used to miss
7. My fantasy date with...
8. Porn and computer games - a parallel?
9. Addictions and afflictions

Eria has a single thing in mind:
X appreciation day, where f(x)= Studio/Performer + Sum(cost to join website)
Gay porn and women

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Eroticism of Story-Telling

Black Spark via TheSword
Today, when I looked over all the Back Spark videos and some of the comments it started, I was reminded of discussion I had with Eria after we first saw I want your love.

We were taking and fondly remembering the era of  "classic porn" and soft porn. We started by making a little bit of fun at Emmanuelle, but then we remembered how excited we were to see a little bit of breast...and I remembered how disappointed I was that there was no cock showing. Still, the soft porn movies were oddly inciting. I got my first taste of fetish from a bunch of spanking videos my dad kept hidden behind the workbench in the garage...I am yet to see a bsdm video that made me feel the same as those old VHS tapes. In fact, I am yet to recover the same degree of excitement when I watch today's clear-cut porn, regardless of make, model or type.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rude awakening...NOT

My gf/wife decided to wake me up this morning by lip-sync'ing Kylie's Slow. This reminded me of another great Kylie lip-sync. I fuckin' love Randy Blue and his models...and the BlueIsBeautiful blog! Whatever Don and Ian post there...just brings joy into my life!

Here's the video I was talking about. For those who haven't seen it: ENJOY, for the rest, enjoy it again!
I'd like to thank everybody at Randy Blue for bringing us this!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Straight4pay And Gay4pay

I don't get the people who are upset because a gay4pay model  fucks girls in private or a straight4pay model  fucks girls on camera. What I feel is moronic is the explanation: "it spoils the fantasy."

This is like being pissed off at the Harry Potter actor because he goes to work driving a car instead of riding on a broom!

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